Welcome to the ultimate platform for music lovers, musicians, and music venues!

Obbligato is designed to make live events easier, more efficient, and more collaborative than ever before. With Obbligato, you no longer have to rely big corporations for live entertainment. We've created a unique system that puts the power in the hands of the fans, musicians, and venues.

Our platform allows fans to choose artists they would like to see based on date, time, location, and price. Musicians can then use this data to find the perfect date and venue for their show. Talent bookers can see which artists have enough fans ready to attend a show at their venue on any given date and can make an informed decision about who to book, when.

Obbligato is perfect for smaller venues such as pubs and breweries which only have occasional music and are not equipped for ticketed events. Our system ensures that your minimum guarantee transforms into a room full of fans enjoying the music they love.

We believe that music should be for everyone, and that's why we've created a platform that connects fans, musicians, and venues to create shows that exceed expectations.